Design is Thinking Made Visual


Mission Statement

    To provide premium furniture and top-tier   shopping service at a reasonable price point.

We offer a unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and chic furniture online

Canovile is an indoor and outdoor furniture giant. The company which is run by two brothers has been in existence for over 40 years and the longevity can be attributed to the quality of both the products and service. After identifying a vacuum on the furniture market, Asif Khan decided to create Canovile to bring to customers top-of-the-range furniture. Three words describe the furniture that Canovile creates and retails, that is stylish, contemporary, and chic.The company has been doing this for over 40 years. In 2022  the company decided to bring the high-end quality furniture shopping experience online. Canovile now has a fully
functional retail store that allows customers to access the company’s rich catalog of high-end furniture. The online experience is one of the best out there. With a clean user interface that allows you to go through, select and purchase furniture easily, Canovile is one of the best things to happen to the furniture industry in years. The online shop also comes with quality pictures and detailed descriptions of the product to ensure that customers do not feel cheated when their orders 
 are efficiently delivered. You literally get what you see.


The main idea behind Canovile is not to just provide furniture but to offer the best of quality and also gleaming service. We do just that and our furniture is the perfect testament. We have an extensive collection of high-quality furniture to make sure that both your indoor andoutdoor spaces feel as comfortable as possible. Our furniture is stylish and comfortable, you do not have to make a compromise on either of the two when you buy from us.

Indoor sofa sets are part of our catalog and we have several models for customers to choose from. We have made sure that our indoor sofas surpass
international standards and without 
a doubt, in terms of indoor sofas Canovile is actually the standard. At Canovile we also manufacture outdoor furniture for your outdoor spaces. Our outdoor furniture is stylish, comfortable, and also durable. Outdoor furniture is likely going to be exposed to harsher conditions but with our furniture, the last thing you have to worry about is Canovile furniture giving in to wear and tear easily. Our furniture is designed and engineered to last a very long time and we guarantee that it does that and more.

Design that make statement

One thing that makes Canovile stand out is the amount of work the company puts into its designs. We pride ourselves on creating unique and stylish furniture without making a compromise on quality. Our team of designers has over the past years created a catalog of furniture that is not only comfortable but also screams premium quality. From the materials used to the structural designs the goal is to make sure that when you get a piece of furniture from us, you get the premium experience that you deserve.

Canovile does not only manufacture furniture, rather the company creates furniture. Our unique designs can change the aura of any environment and make it feel premium. Our outdoor sofa sets can make any outdoor space look lavish and top-tier. If you want to go all the way, sleek Canovile gazebos will make sure that your outdoor space is in every sense of the word, lavish. We make all our products to ensure that we maintain the high-quality standards we have set over the years. In terms of custom designs, the company upon request manufactures custom indoor and outdoor furniture. Our teams of top-of-the-range designers and engineers bring the client’s vision to life. If you love furniture that makes a bold statement, you will love Canovile furniture.



Unique Shopping Experience

The ultimate goal at Canovile is to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied when they do business with us. The best way to do this was by ensuring that our clients can access our service online. The Canovile online shop is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, which makes it one of the best online shopping portals available. Our Canovile online shopping website has one of the best user interfaces available on the online shopping scene. The user navigation on the Canovile site allows you to easily access the available furniture. The categories are also a boost for the shopping experience. All the furniture on our site is categorized to make sure that you easily find your desired stylish, comfortable, and chic piece of furniture. 

Once you have chosen your desired piece of furniture, the next step will be the delivery. Here at Canovile, we pride ourselves on efficient deliveries. We make deliveries all over India in record time. The best part is that at Canovile, our customer service personnel is polite and always up to the task in case there are any inquiries. If you are to ever have problems then we can guarantee that our customer service personnel will ensure you get the quality service you deserve.

Premium furniture, top-tier customer service, and an amazing shopping experience are what you are guaranteed by Canovile. Enjoy!